Experience Manu Wildlife with

Experience Manu Wildlife with

Amazon Trails Peru Manu & Trekking Tour Operator

Amazon Trails Peru – who we are & what we offer

Our office in Cusco

  1. Amazon Trails Peru was founded in 2002 by a german geographer & ecologist and a peruvian naturalist & ornithologist, who grew up in the rainforest.

    ATP has over 12 years of experience organizing reliable and quality Manu tours. ATP is authorized to operate tours to the Manu Biosphere and to the Manu National Park (Reserved Zone). We offer small groups of maximum 8 visitors per guide and itineraries designed to maximize your chances to see animals.

  2. Amazon Trails Peru has a team of experienced & enthusiastic, professional guides. They all speak fluent English and are equipped with powerful spotting scopes and animal identification books on the tours. They will explain this highly biodiverse rainforest to you and give you comprehensive information about the flora and fauna of Manu.

    An excellent guide is essential to a rewarding and unforgettable rainforest experience!

  3. Our Manu tours utilize our own vehicles, boats and lodges. Lodges are located at strategic points in Manu, with each place offering a different kind of forest & plenty of trails to explore. This is a great advantage for successful wildlife observation. One of them, the Maquisapayoj Private Reserve, has its own tapir clay lick & observation platform.
  4. We focus on environmentally friendly practices when organizing our tours and work with local people for all tours (Manu and treks). We also stay at Albergue ‘Casa Matsiguenka’ inside the Reserved Zone of Manu Park, a typical lodge run by the Machiguenga Indians to support their communities.

Our Team & Guides:


We work with experienced, English speaking naturalist guides with many years of guiding experience in Manu. Some of our guides have grown up in Manu, some of them are biologists and all of them have been working (in research projects) and living in the rainforest.

They are very experienced in wildlife spotting, recognizing birds and mammals by sound and sight and they can imitate the animals to call them closer. Your guide will explain about ecology and biodiversity of this fascinating tropical rainforest. He will also provide detailed information about the animal species you will observe and give you an insight into indigenous peoples’ lives.

We use binoculars and spotting scopes on our tours so that you can get a closer view of the animals, without disturbing them.

Our guides take one of the following spotting scopes on our Manu tours:

  • Leica Apo Televid 77 mm
  • Zeiss Diascope T FL, 85 mm
  • Leica Televid, 65 mm
  • Kowa TSN - 2, 77 mm

Our Manu guides :

Javier Amanqui Cordova
Javier Amanqui Cordova, born 1982, naturalist and authorized Manu guide, working as a guide in Manu since 2005, has been working in bird monitoring, e.g. of the Rock of the Rocks, speaks fluent English, excellent at spotting animal, has been working with photographers in Manu and in the Andes
Wilfredo Arizábal Arriaga
Wilfredo Arizábal Arriaga, born 1967, biologist and herpetologist, authorized Manu guide, working as a guide in Manu since 2000, speaks fluent English, has been working as a herpetologist for the University of Cusco and in a Project in Tambopata, worked as a Guide in Pacaya Samiria/ Iquitos, instructor about herpetofauna in the cloud forest and lowland of Manu
Carlos Aguilar Castañaga
Carlos Aguilar Castañaga, born 1979, naturalist and authorized Manu guide, working as a guide in Manu since 2004, speaks fluent English, has been working in mammal monitoring projects and worked as a guide with the BBC and National Geographic, he also guides some treks around Cusco.
Saturnino Llactahuaman Lastra
Saturnino Llactahuaman Lastra, born 1982, in the rainforest and raised there, works as a Manu Guide since 2002 and specializes in ornithology, also in the Andes. He loves Colibris. He speaks English and is learning Japanese.
Darwin Gutierrez , born 1982, has been living and working in Manu for 8 years, the youngest member of our team

Our Trekking guides :

For our treks we work with a team of experienced & professional, English speaking guides who know the treks and the Andean flora and fauna very well. They have a comprehensive knowledge about the arqueological sites and the Inca history and will also be encouraging during difficult parts of the trek and watch out for your safety. Your guide will also explain about current customs and beliefs and life of the Andean people.

Carlos Estrada Huallparimachi
Carlos Estrada Huallparimachi , born 1982, authorized guide for Inka Trail and alternative routes, working as a guide since 2006
Pavel Pomalaza Cuba, born 1982, authorized guide for Inka Trail and alternative routes, working as a guide since 2005
Santiago Puyo Ancco born 1980, authorized guide for Inka Trail and alternative routes, working as a guide since 2004
Jaime Vasquez
Jaime Vasquez, born 1969, authorized guide for Machu Picchu and alternative routes, very experienced and with great knowledge of Inka history
Erick Farfan Z.

Our guides are bilingual (English/Spanish) and on request we can provide guide tours in German and Japanese.

Our office & logistics team:

Ulrike ( Ulla) Maennig
Co-Founder and current Owner of Amazon Trails Peru:
Ulrike (Ulla) Maennig, born 1971 in Germany, agronomist and geographer, travelled to Africa, Asia, New Zealand and various countries in South America. In Peru since 1997, worked in conservation proyects in the rainforest and in sustainable development and with local communities in the Andes; Founder and manager of ATP
Soledad Maria Vargas Anguiosa
Soledad Maria Vargas Anguiosa, born 1986, Secretary and Operations.

Soledad is from Cusco, she speaks English and knows the treks around Cusco as well as Manu. She can help you with additional information, explain about our tours or make arrangements for further tours, hotels etc.
Eva Gengenbach
Eva Gengenbach, born 1980 in Germany, Master in language, economy and civilisation studies, specialized in South America; studied 1 year in Limoges and afterwards worked in Ecotourism in France. 2005 with ATP in Cusco. Since 2005 Eva is helping Amazon Trails Peru, especially with our French speaking clients.
Donato Huamani Guerreros
Donato Huamani Guerreros, born 1978. Donato is in charge of the tour and camping equipment, planning with drivers and cooks etc. Sometimes you can also meet him as a cook on our tours.

Our office in Cusco:

Cusco Office

Our office is situated in the San Blas neighbourhood of Cusco. It’s only 3 blocks (8 min.) from the main square (Plaza de Armas). From Plazoleta San Blas turn left into Calle Tandapata behind the little church, it’s only 200 m to our office.

This office is our property so you can always find us here.

If in Cusco you are welcome to visit us from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 1:30 pm and 4 to 7 pm. Our office is closed on Sundays.

You can contact us on the phone: 0051 - 84 - 437374 or via Skype: amazontrailsperu