Experience Manu Wildlife with

Experience Manu Wildlife with

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Visit Manu: the best rainforest destination in the Amazon! with Amazon Trails Peru – your specialized Manu Tour Operator in Cusco since 2002!

Giant River Otter
Giant River Otter

Amazon Trails Peru is one of the leading official Manu Tour Operators. We train our guides continuously and focus on observation of Flora and Fauna. In 2005 ATP started to improve services introducing spotting scopes on all our Manu tours in 2005.

Come with us on a trip to the pristine Manu rainforest, a hotspot of biodiversity. In Manu you can easily observe wildlife such as Giant otters, Caimans, Tapirs, Monkeys, Macaws, Toucans and Sloths. On some occasions our groups spot Jaguars - mainly on the banks of the Manu River !

We offer 5-day to 8-day tours from Cusco to Manu National Park and to the Manu Biosphere Reserve. Shorter tours to the Cultural Zone of Manu and Amazonia Lodge (3 to 5 days) are also available.

In Cusco, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Machu Picchu, hike the famous Inka Trail, or try one of the equally spectacular alternative Andean Treks that we offer.

Why visit Manu ? - 4 unique features of Manu

Manu holds a record in high biodiversity: 200 mammal species and more than 15000 species of flowering plants have been identified. With over 1000 bird species Manu is a great destination for birdwatchers.

  1. Manu is one of the few places with pristine rainforest and ideal conditions to observe wildlife including rare and endangered species. You can observe Giant River Otters, Tapirs, 6 species of Macaws, 13 species of monkeys, Toucans, Caimans, Sloths, 3 species of Anteaters and even the Jaguar!
  2. The Manu Park protects different ecosystems from 4000m all the way down to 250m : Andean Grasslands (Puna), Elfin Forest and Cloud Forest (on the Manu road) and Lowland Rainforest. The overland journey from Cusco gives you a comprehensive experience of the rainforest ecosystems – an awesome and unique trip.
  3. Manu is home to various indigenous tribes; some of which live in isolation and have no contact with ‘civilisation’. On some of our tours you will have the opportunity to meet the Machiguenga Indians.
  4. Manu gives you the best chances to see a big variety of animals within a reasonable amount of time and money. If you are looking for a real rainforest experience Manu is your best choice. You won't find mass tourism in Manu!

Amazon Trails Peru - what we offer

  • We have over 10 years of experience organizing reliable and quality Manu tours. ATP is authorized to operate tours to the Manu Biosphere and to the Manu National Park (Reserved Zone). We offer small groups of maximum 8 visitors per guide and itineraries designed to maximize your chances to see animals.
  • Amazon Trails Peru has a team of experienced & enthusiastic, professional guides. They all speak fluent English and are equipped with powerful spotting scopes and animal identification books on the tours. They will explain this highly biodiverse rainforest to you and give you comprehensive information about the flora and fauna of Manu.
    An excellent guide is essential to a rewarding and unforgettable rainforest experience!
  • Our Manu tours utilize our own vehicles, boats and lodges. Lodges are located at strategic points in Manu, with each place offering a different kind of forest & plenty of trails to explore. This is a great advantage for successful wildlife observation. One of them, the Maquisapayoj Private Reserve, has its own tapir clay lick & observation platform.
  • We focus on environmentally friendly practices when organizing our tours and work with local people for all tours (Manu and treks). We also stay at Albergue ‘Casa Matsiguenka’ inside the Reserved Zone of Manu Park, a typical lodge run by the Machiguenga Indians to support their communities.

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15 January 2018

Familia Ortiz (USA & Peru)

We highly recommend Manu to all nature lovers and Amazon Trails Peru to all who want to experience a true personal-fun adventure!

Estamos enormemente agradecidos con nuestro guia Javier y su equipo quienes no solo fueron muy profesionales en facilitar una experiencia exploradora y segura; pero ademas, muy enriquecedora y divertida con su amabilidad, sencillez y buen humor. Sobre todo muy agradecida con su paciencia y comprension al esperar a una de mis hermanas que por motivo de problemas de aterrizaje en Cusco retrazamos un poco la expedicion. El cocinero, Domingo, nos sorprendio con sus habilidades para ofrecer platos muy ricos y saludables. Javier, que con su conocimiento, entrega y valentia hizo de nuestra expedicion una experiencia educativa y personal; maravillados de haber visto un jaguar, 2 caimanes, gallitos de las rocas, tarantulas, ranas venenosas, una boa, etc. Dormir rodeados de pura naturaleza bajo el canto de las aves y animales salvajes son una experiencia que recordaremos siempre.
Muchas gracias nuevamente!

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